Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July

For the fourth we went out to Carnation to spend time with my parents, caren and Jason before he leaves for Alaska. I love the fourth of July especially in Carnation. I didn't do the 5k this year and I'm kind of wishing I did, but we watched the parade, went swimming in the river, played in the sprinkler, had a bbq and watched fireworks.
Jason got a new puppy and we were so excited to see him. Meet Finn, he is the cutest.

Carter loved him and luckily he was a very calm and patient puppy so they made good playmates. Carter kept trying to feed him rocks though and Finn would lick his tummy and make him laugh.

Watching the parade. Carter did not like the waiting part but he LOVED the cars and trucks. He was not interested in anything else, just kept asking for cars and said gone when he couldn't see any.

Loving the firetrucks

So...we watched fireworks from a window, but Carter loved it so that's ok. We were gonna leave him behind and go but he woke up just as we were leaving so we thought we would take him along but then he screamed and refused to sit in his we stayed home. Not the best view of fireworks I've had, but we made it work and Carter liked it. Next year we will just keep him up to watch them.


I haven't blogged in forever, so these are just a bunch of pictures of what we've been up to lately...and they aren't in order. But, since this is mostly for family and all they want to see are pictures anyway enjoy, they are mostly just of Carter being cute. And here's an update on what Carter has been up to lately, Carter is 16 months old now. His favorite things are cars and books. He can say car, gone, and gock (rock). Still doesn't say mamma though, we're working on that. He is so funny and turns into a crazy kid as soon as dad walks through the door. He loves his daddy and they just laugh and laugh together. He likes to listen to music and spin in circles. Loves to play outside and in the water. His personality is coming out more and more and we just love him to pieces!

Building blocks with dad

He loves the beach, we probably go at least once a week

Sharing a milkshake with mom and dad after a hard day of playing at the beach

Helping make pizza

Carter pulling out the mustache, he cracks us up

pool time

More beach

holding a crab

We decided to hike to a beach, but unfortunately Carter screamed when he put him in the he got to walk. Which he was very happy about.

Splash park

Date night with mom and dad

He is finally getting enough hair for a little mohawk. We are all very excited about this.

Playing basketball

Reading books

He loves the swimming pool!

Digging at the lake

Learning to use a spoon and very proud of himself

Playing in the water, he is not scared one bit

These bear statues are his favorite part of the library I think

Playing in the rain with Grandpa

Mothers Day

Aunt Missy comes to visit

A couple of weeks ago Missy came to visit so we spent the week at my parents house doing lots of fun things.

We went to the beach and of course it was the only day it rained in like the whole month of June but when we got there it cleared up and turned out to be perfect weather.

Carter loves the beach. We found some crabs and dug in the sand and had a picnic lunch. 

We also went to the zoo. Carter, of course, had to show Grandpa every single animal. He would walk over to him and want to be picked up and then point at the animal. He loves his Grandpa.

Carter's favorite part was probably chasing this peacock around and he probably would have caught it if I let him, he was a determined little boy.

Another favorite was the birds, he also liked the river otters and giraffes

He did not like the snake though

Carter wanted to bring home every single stuffed animal in the store

Taking a snooze on the drive home with his new tiger

We made homemade fudgsicles, which weren't that good but Carter seemed to enjoy.

We spent a lot of time at the river and Carter was not afraid of the cold water, he was ready to jump right in.

Mostly he just liked throwing rocks in though. I think he could have stayed there all day.

S'mores in the backyard. Carter loves his sweets

He loved playing in the sprinkler too. We spent most of our time here playing in the backyard. This little boy loves to be outside.
And we picked raspberries! Carter liked eating those too.